Testing Testing, is this thing still on?

Crikey, 4 years since our last blog post!? It’s not like there’s been nothing going on, just seem to have let this slipped a bit. With all the emailing, twittering, facebooking and the like we’ve forgotten about the blogging! Sorry folks, and we promise to do better from now on. Here’s a nice multicoloured toilet for you, we call this the “Cotton Candy”, and have a peek at our latest Pinterest board on Coloured, Vintage & Retro Bathrooms to whet your palette – we’ve got plenty more exciting news to bring to you over the next few weeks. Watch this space…

Coloured, Vintage & Retro Bathrooms

New Astura CC WC Primrose cistern Sky Blue pan Pink seat BB

The Cotton Candy Close-coupled WC from Brokenbog.com



About Brokenbog

The Largest Collection of Bathroomware in the World, specialists in coloured, retro and vintage bathroom items for replacements or new installations. Bathrooms don't have to be White!

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