Been a busy time here, just working out

Been a busy time here, just working out how this whole social media thing works – blogging for beginners!

Our new website is now LIVE!

Without further ado we’re proud to announce, after many months of blood, sweat and tears in development, the new revamped, reprogrammed and reborn Brokenbog website! is re-released unto the world today, in full mobile-friendly technicolour glory and with new improved colour charts, a new page devoted to Film & TV Prop Supply, new “quick click” mobile-friendly enquiry form and much more, thanks to the excellent work of the clever folk at AKPIT web design:

New Website screengrab 160825

To coincide with the new site launch we shall be posting much more regular news on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts including top tips, toilet news from around the world, updates on the Brokenbog warehouse and our new British-made range of coloured sanitaryware,¬†and case studies of customers’ coloured bathroom projects.

We’re seeing an ever-increasing popularity in vintage, retro and coloured bathroom ware being used in new and exciting ways – we will be reporting on the return of the coloured bathroom regularly as more and more people start to realise that bathrooms don’t have to be White!¬†Please do take a look at the new-look site, not to mention our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Houzz pages, and do send us your comments and ideas via your preferred means of contact; we always appreciate your feedback.

Thanks to all our customers and fans past, present and future – watch this space for further news…


Testing Testing, is this thing still on?

Crikey, 4 years since our last blog post!? It’s not like there’s been nothing going on, just seem to have let this slipped a bit. With all the emailing, twittering, facebooking and the like we’ve forgotten about the blogging! Sorry folks, and we promise to do better from now on. Here’s a nice multicoloured toilet for you, we call this the “Cotton Candy”, and have a peek at our latest Pinterest board on Coloured, Vintage & Retro Bathrooms to whet your palette – we’ve got plenty more exciting news to bring to you over the next few weeks. Watch this space…

Coloured, Vintage & Retro Bathrooms

New Astura CC WC Primrose cistern Sky Blue pan Pink seat BB

The Cotton Candy Close-coupled WC from


The Longest Day

Discovered for the first time in what could be hundreds of years (or maybe a couple of weeks since the farmer last filled them up for the cattle) in deepest darkest Sicily…Bathhenge! We’ll be working on our own version over the coming year ready for the next summer solstice; we think we can do better than the Italians, even if we couldn’t quite beat them in the football.

Was it the druids or the aliens?

Prehistoric circle of baths spotted somewhere on a hillside in Sicily

Here comes the sun!

At last the sun is shining again, for the moment at least. Here’s the latest episode from Brokenbog TV to get you in the spirit, with special thanks to the Isley Brothers for the loan of a classic summer tune.
Click here for video

Brokenbog Movie News

Congratulations to John Hurt on receiving the 2012 Bafta Award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema. Here he is making an outstanding contribution in a Coral Pink Royal Doulton low-level toilet supplied by for the set of 2009 film 44 Inch Chest:

John Hurt making an outstanding contribution to cinema in 2009 film 44 Inch Chest

We regularly provide bathroom fittings in vintage colours and styles for film and theatre sets; watch this space for OSCAR NEWS…

Och aye the noo

Spotted on the streets of Edinburgh, we are fairly sure this is/was a Shanks double-trap syphonic pan although identifying the colour is proving an issue. Good job the photos we receive from customers aren’t in black & white or our job of colourmatching would be a whole lot harder!

Makes for an atmospheric image though, we’ll be keeping an eye out for toilets as art over this coming year. Any submissions welcome, just send them through to our main email address


The Brokenbog Advent Calendar 2011

For anyone who missed it, we have now completed the Brokenbog Advent Calendar for 2011. The first, and almost certainly the last, time we’ve attempted such a feat. Untold man (and woman) hours went into this, please pick your favourite shot from the bunch, leave a comment below the photo album telling us which one and why then perhaps we’ll get some t-shirts made up….

Preview below – for the full calendar and to comment please go to

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Back on the air

Sorry folks, we let the Bog Blog slip for a while there – in these days of multiple social media formats it’s difficult to keep up with them all! Since our last post our Facebook page has been going strong and now has a wealth of photographs from the wonderful world of, well worth checking out if you get a chance at

Don’t forget to click the “Like” button when you get there to keep regularly updated.

Our online shop is gradually increasing in size; we’re uploading more items as and when we get the chance although we’re still about a million miles away from getting all our stock lines on there. Don’t hold your breath – if you’re looking for an item of replacement bathroomware just get in touch directly. Our friendly staff (including newest member Julie, welcome to the team) will be more than happy to help.

Winter is coming (see photo below from this time last year) – time to get that old coloured bathroom of yours spruced up for Christmas. Can’t have Auntie Flo sitting on a cracked toilet seat now can we??

Stay warm people!

You’re not going to believe this…

Introducing the “Modern Toilet” restaurant chain. No, really. Based in Taiwan, with 12 “outlets”, we can’t believe it either! Number 2 in The Blogington’s list of unusual restaurants (number 2! Oh dear):

Or go direct to their website – check out the menu, among other things it does raise some questions of taste and cultural differences: