Monthly Archives: June 2016

Testing Testing, is this thing still on?

Crikey, 4 years since our last blog post!? It’s not like there’s been nothing going on, just seem to have let this slipped a bit. With all the emailing, twittering, facebooking and the like we’ve forgotten about the blogging! Sorry folks, and we promise to do better from now on. Here’s a nice multicoloured toilet for you, we call this the “Cotton Candy”, and have a peek at our latest Pinterest board on Coloured, Vintage & Retro Bathrooms to whet your palette – we’ve got plenty more exciting news to bring to you over the next few weeks. Watch this space…

Coloured, Vintage & Retro Bathrooms

New Astura CC WC Primrose cistern Sky Blue pan Pink seat BB

The Cotton Candy Close-coupled WC from