More stock!

Good idea or not, we bought another thousand or so items of discontinued bathroomware this week from a fellow trader who is downsizing. Roll up folks, plenty to go around!

The Toilet Tree

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The new-look Toilet Tree! Now becoming a famous local landmark, with special thanks to Deidrik & Julie at Avalon Garden Centre for their expert planting.

Half term’s over – Let the bogbuying begin!

Dreary weather today, a good time to be thinking about replacing that broken basin, damaged WC or tatty toilet seat. Or why not bring some sunshine into the bathroom with one of our trademark “pick & mix” multicoloured suites? The Brokenbog team are ready for a mid-year rush, or perhaps that should be flush!

TV & Movie News

We had a set designer from “Hollyoaks” on the phone today, seeking fittings for an army barracks changing room scene, and we’re all looking forward to the release of the feature film “One Day” starring Anne Hathaway which should also be starring not one but TWO bathroom suites supplied by ourselves. One Turquoise one and one Coral Pink one no less.

The Brokenbog Blog Begins

A good day at the Brokenbog warehouse today, including sales of a complete Avocado bathroom suite heading for North London and no less than a multicoloured suite in Burgundy, Penthouse Blue and Autumn Tan complete with Bright Gold taps bound for a cottage in Dorset. To celebrate, here is the all-new Brokenbog Blog! The world may never be the same again….

Welcome to the Bog Blog