Back on the air

Sorry folks, we let the Bog Blog slip for a while there – in these days of multiple social media formats it’s difficult to keep up with them all! Since our last post our Facebook page has been going strong and now has a wealth of photographs from the wonderful world of, well worth checking out if you get a chance at

Don’t forget to click the “Like” button when you get there to keep regularly updated.

Our online shop is gradually increasing in size; we’re uploading more items as and when we get the chance although we’re still about a million miles away from getting all our stock lines on there. Don’t hold your breath – if you’re looking for an item of replacement bathroomware just get in touch directly. Our friendly staff (including newest member Julie, welcome to the team) will be more than happy to help.

Winter is coming (see photo below from this time last year) – time to get that old coloured bathroom of yours spruced up for Christmas. Can’t have Auntie Flo sitting on a cracked toilet seat now can we??

Stay warm people!

About Brokenbog

The Largest Collection of Bathroomware in the World, specialists in coloured, retro and vintage bathroom items for replacements or new installations. Bathrooms don't have to be White!

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